The Teaching Portfolio

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September 2010



"Thoroughly revised and updated, this fourth edition of the classic hands-on resource offers a comprehensive review of all the facets developing teaching portfolios. This new edition will contain new perspectives and ideas; an expanded section on web-based electronic teaching portfolios; a sample of colleges and universities that shows how they have implemented portfolios; real-world teaching portfolios of twenty-one faculty members and a report from a university provost on what he looks for in a portfolios submitted for promotion."--


Foreword xi Preface to the Fourth Edition xiii About the Authors xix About the Contributors xxiii PART ONE: THE WHAT, WHY, AND HOW OF TEACHING PORTFOLIOS 1 1 An Introduction to the Teaching Portfolio 3 2 Choosing Items for the Teaching Portfolio 10 3 Preparing the Teaching Portfolio 21 4 Steps to Creating a Teaching Portfolio 26 5 The Importance of Collaboration 31 6 Suggestions for Improving the Teaching Portfolio 35 7 Evaluating the Teaching Portfolio 41 8 Answers to Common Questions 51 9 E-Portfolios for Teaching Improvement 62 Monica A. Devanas 10 Clinical Education Portfolios 71 Annalise Sorrentino PART TWO: HOW PORTFOLIOS ARE USED 79 11 Teaching Portfolios at Loyola University Maryland 81 Peter Rennert-Ariev 12 Exploring the Future of Teaching Portfolios with 88 Graduate Students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Mathew L. Ouellett 13 Developing Teaching Portfolios at Elgin Community College: The Early Years 96 Kimberly Tarver 14 Implementing the Teaching Portfolio at Florida Gulf Coast University 102 Donna Price Henry 15 Reviewing the Teaching Portfolio: Considerations from a Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs 109 Ronald B. Toll PART THREE: SAMPLE PORTFOLIOS FROM ACROSS DISCIPLINES 119 16 Biological Sciences 121 Martha S. Rosenthal 17 Chemistry and Biochemistry 134 David E. Smith 18 Chemistry and Mathematics 149 Richard Schnackenberg 19 Communication and Philosophy 159 Mary Pelak Walch 20 English and Communication 171 Margaret Loring 21 Family and Consumer Sciences 183 Esther L. Devall 22 Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Ecology 196 Wiebke J. Boeing 23 Government 206 Nancy V. Baker 24 Justice Studies 218 Heather A. Walsh-Haney 25 Law 234 Marc Jonathan Blitz 26 Music 245 Stephanie Jensen-Moulton 27 Nursing 257 Vicki D. Lachman 28 Pathology 269 Peter G. Anderson 29 Physical Therapy 282 Kimberly Tarver 30 Physics 294 Michaela Burkardt 31 Physiology and Developmental Biology 306 Michael D. Brown 32 Political Science 318 Richard R. Johnson 33 Psychology 328 Aaron Kozbelt 34 Social and Behavioral Sciences 339 Kristine De Welde 35 Social Work 355 Amanda Evans 36 Theater 363 Amy E. Hughes References 372 Index 375
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