The Poverty Wars: Reconnecting Research with Reality

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Juni 2005



Saunders argues that as a nation Australia can afford to eliminate financial poverty. The fact that we don't do so is a matter of choice, not affordability--as the experience of other countries demonstrates. In challenging this idea, this book focuses on how looking at poverty differently can help to make a world without poverty a practical reality.


1 Contesting Poverty; 2 Mapping the Poverty Profile; 3 New Concepts, New Evidence; 4 The Causes of Poverty; 5 The Consequences of Poverty; 6 Poverty and the Social Fabric References.


Peter Saunders is well known in Australia as a social policy researcher and commentator on poverty and related social issues, including income distribution, social security, welfare reform and participation, and the welfare state - in Australia and other countries, including, most recently, China. Saunders is the author of several books including Welfare and Inequality; National and International Perspectives on the Australian Welfare State (1994) and The Ends and Means of Welfare: Coping with Economic and Social Change in Australia (Cambridge UP, 2002). His Submission to the Senate Poverty Inquiry was cited extensively in the Committee's Report and he is currently undertaking a major project, funded by the Australian Research Council, on poverty and inequality designed to develop new indicators and policy benchmarks. He has been the Director of the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales since 1987.

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