Building Jewish in the Roman East

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Finally, Building Jewish in the Roman East explores Jerusalem's flurry of building activity under Herod the Great in the first century BCE. Richardson's careful work not only documents the material culture that forms the background to any study of Second Temple Judaism and early Christianity, but it succeeds in demonstrating how architecture itself, like a text, conveys meaning and thus directly illuminates daily life and religious thought and practice in the ancient world.


Acknowledgments Abbreviations List of Tables and Illustrations Preface PART ONE: INTRODUCTION 1. Religion and Architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean PART TWO: TOWNS AND VILLAGES 2. Jesus and Palestinian Social Protest in Archaeological and Literary Perspective 3. 3-D Visualizations of a First-Century Galilean Town 4. Khirbet Qana (and Other Villages) as a Context for Jesus 5. First-Century Houses and Q's Setting 6. What has Cana to do with Capernaum? PART THREE: SYNAGOGUES AND CHURCHES 7. Pre-70 Synagogues as Collegia in Rome, the Diaspora, and Judea 8. Architectural Transitions from Synagogues and House Churches to Purpose-Built Churches 9. Philo and Eusebius on Monasteries and Monasticism: The Therapeutae and Kellia 10. Jewish Voluntary Associations in Egypt and the Roles of Women 11. Building a "Synodos ... and a Place of their Own" 12. An Architectural Case for Synagogues as Associations PART FOUR: JUDEA AND JERUSALEM 13. Law and Piety in Herod's Architecture 14. Why Turn the Tables? Jesus' Protest in the Temple Precincts 15. Josephus, Nicolas of Damascus, and Herod's Building Program 16. Origins, Innovations, and Significance of Herod's Temple 17. Herod's Temple Architecture and Jerusalem's Tombs 18. The James Ossuary's Decoration and Social Setting PART FOUR: CONCLUSION 19. Building Jewish in the Roman East Notes Glossary Further Reading Indexes Ancient Sources Modern Authors Sites and Places


Peter Richardson taught religious studies at University College, University of Toronto.


Building Jewish is clearly and authoritatively written and is richly illustrated, making it ideal for classroom use as well as a basic scholarly resource. --Jodi Magness, Kenan Distinguished Professor for Teaching Excellence in Early Judaism, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill A must read for anyone interested in the matrix from which Christianity arose. --Jonathan L. Reed, Professor of Religion, University of La Verne Richardson accomplishes a remarkable task by creating a synthesis of form and function in this study of religious architecture within the context of Second Temple Judaism and early Christian literature. --Victor H. Matthews, Professor of Religious Studies, Southwest Missouri State University
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