Learning Medicine

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A definitive careers guide giving true insight into the meaning and process of becoming a doctor.


Foreword; Preface; 1. Why medicine and why not?; 2. Opportunity and reality; 3. Requirements for entry; 4. Choosing a medical school; 5. Application and selection; 6. Interviews; 7. Medical school: the early years; 8. Medical school: the later years; 9. Doubts; 10. The new doctor; 11. Developing your career; 12. Career opportunities; 13. Privileges and responsibilities: avoiding the pitfalls; Postscript; Appendices; Index.


'... clear, excellently written ... accurate, detailed and very up-to-date ... allows [readers] to picture the workings of a medical school admissions department without actually dictating ... what to put on their UCAS personal statement or the 'perfect' answers to interview questions ... Gives a very good idea of the attitudes of ... staff and students at medical school ... a realistic guide which will answer most of your questions concerning entry and life at medical school and beyond. Takes you on a step by step journey through life as a medic from sixth former to retiring consultant, giving ... a very good idea of whether ... it is a career for you. The appendices contain useful, original information including guidelines outlining exactly what is expected of you as a medical student ... highly recommended ... if you're only going to buy one [book] ... this should be it!'
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Untertitel: How to Become and Remain a Good Doctor. 18 Rev ed. 40 b/w illus. 5 tables. Sprache: Englisch.
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