William the Conqueror

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April 2012



A new biography of the Norman king who conquered England in 1066, changing the course of the country forever.


1. Normandy in the Early Eleventh Century
2. Birth & Upbringing of the Bastard
3. Minority
4. The Struggle for Survival
5. The Defeat of the Richardides
6. Foreign Affairs 1047 - 1061
7. The Duke in Church - & State
8. The Matter of England
9. William Consolidates his Hold on Normandy: Harold Becomes his Prisoner
10. The Duke Versus the King
11. The Battle of Hastings
12. Collaboration & Continuity
13. Conflict & Contradiction
14. Revolt, Rebellion & Repression
15. Lordship in Church & State
16. The Norman Settlement
17. Dynastic Quarrels and Foreign Perils & the Death of William
18. Character & Achievements Notes Bibliography List of Illustrations Index


Peter Rex is a retired history teacher. He was Head of History at Princethorpe College for twenty years. His other books include 1066: A NEW HISTORY OF THE NORMAN CONQUEST ('A gripping re-evaluation of those turbulent times - Rex vividly conjures up the ebb and flow of the battle' THE MAIL ON SUNDAY), THE ENGLISH RESISTANCE ('An invaluable rehabilitation of an ignored resistance movement' THE SUNDAY TIMES), HAROLD II ('Rex's powerful defense of Harold is refreshing' THE DAILY MAIL, 'A learned new biography' THE FINANCIAL TIMES) and HEREWARD ('An enthralling work of historical detection' ROBERT LACEY, 'Like oakum from a knotted rope of legend, Rex picks out the facts of his life' THE TIMES, 'Rescues Hereward, a genuine folk hero, from the oblivion into which he has fallen' FRANK MCLYNN). He lives in Ely.


'Rex tells it well - very thoughtful - Rex has a real ability to communicate difficult issues to a wide audience' BBC HISTORY MAGAZINE
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