Knots and Links

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Oktober 2004



Richly illustrated textbook on knot theory; minimal prerequisites but modern in style and content.


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. A topologist's toolkit; 3. Link diagrams; 4. Constructions and decompositions of links; 5. Spanning surfaces and genus; 6. Matrix invariants; 7. The Alexander-Conway polynomial; 8. Rational tangles; 9. More polynomials; 10. Closed braids and arc presentations; Appendix A. Knot diagrams; Appendix B. Numerical invariants; Appendix C. Properties; Appendix D. Polynomials; Appendix E. Polygon coordinates; Appendix F. Family properties; Bibliography; Index.


"The book has a satisfying, unifying goalclear prose, systematic rigor, attractive layout, and copious diagrams all add to the overall appeal. Highly recommended." Choice "The book under review wil be of great help to anyone who sudies or teaches knot theory. It reflects adequately the contemporary state of the parts of the theory it covers, and the reader finishes it with a natural feeling that at some time in the future, knot theory will become an obligatory study for each math undergraduate..." Mathematical Reviews, Sergei K. Lando
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