Modernisms: A Literary Guide

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Peter Nicholls provides original analytic accounts of the main Modernist movements. Close readings of key texts monitor the histories of Futurism, Expressionism, Cubism, Dadaism and Surrealism. This new edition includes discussion of the recent research trends, examination of developments in the US, and a new chapter on African-American Modernisms.


Preface to the Second Edition

List of Abbreviations


Introduction: Of a Certain Tone

Ironies of the Modern

Breaking the Rules: Symbolism in France

Decadence and the Art of Death

Paths to the Future

A Metaphysics of Modernity: Marinetti and Italian Futurism

Other Spaces: French Cubism and Russian Futurism

Cruel Structures: The Development of Expressionism

Modernity and the `Men of 1914'

At a Tangent: Other Modernisms

African American Modernism

From Fantasy to Structure: Dada and Neo-Classicism

Other Times: The Narratives of High Modernism

Death and Desire: The Surrealist Adventure





Peter Nicholls


'With the precision of a global positioning system, Peter Nicholls scans the width and breadth of literary modernism. This new edition of his classic study provides a lucid and useful overview of the often antithetical tendencies that revolutionized the literature of Europe and America in the first decades of the twentieth century. New maps sweep clean: Modernisms sets the record-straight by looking aslant, restoring `tangents' to the main stage of a play that continues to inform most of our present-day literary imaginings' - Charles Bernstein, Donald T. Regan Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania, USA
'When Modernisms appeared in 1995, I wrote that it was "the very best single study of its subject currently available". For this new edition, Nicholls has added a dazzling, compact, remarkably comprehensive chapter on African American Modernism - a chapter that dovetails beautifully with this guide's larger narrative. Always authoritative and yet deeply personal in its emphases and tastes, Nicholls's remains the single best study of literary Modernism.' - Marjorie Perloff, Sadie Dernhyam Professor Emerita, Stanford University, USA. 
'An impressive and valuable resource - the new edition retains a distinctive character and is further improved by the addition of the new chapter on the Harlem Renaissance' - Richard Brown, University of Leeds, UK
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