Schooling as a Ritual Performance: Towards a Political Economy of Educational Symbols and Gestures

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Written by one of the major world figures on the educational left, Schooling as a Ritual Performance is a pioneering study of the partnership between capitalism and religion and the educational offspring it produces.


Chapter 1 Introduction to the Third Edition: Ethnographic Research as the Practice of Possibility: Towards a Revolutionary Ethnography Chapter 2 Education as a Cultural System Chapter 3 The Setting Chapter 4 The Structure of Conformity Chapter 5 The Antistructure of Resistance Chapter 6 Making Catholics Chapter 7 Summary, Recommendations, and Reflections Chapter 8 Coda Chapter 9 Afterword


Peter McLaren is one of the foremost social theorists in North America and a leading international figure on the educational left. He is known throughout the world for his political criticism and his passionate commitment to social justice. McLaren teaches in the Division of Urban Schooling at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. His most recent book is Revolutionary Multiculturalism: Pedagogies of Dissent for the New Millennium (Westview Press, 1997). His work has been published in eleven languages.


Those who have been waiting for a successor to Jonathon Kozol may find in this book an alternative source of anthropological criticism of schooling. -- Richard Fenn Journal Of Ritual Studies As a writer, (McLaren) combines the rare gifts of the astute theoretician with that of the storyteller in the manner celebrated by Walter Benjamin... An impressive and original contribution to critical educational theory and practice... a startling insight. -- Henry Giroux McLaren's study... stands at the pinnacle of ethnographic works. -- Stanley Aronowitz Where (Paul) Willis draws his interpretation from culturalist Marxist work, McLaren incorporates some of these interpretations within a framework of analysis taken from the anthropological work of Victor Turner and others who stress the importance of symbol and ritual in the organization of institutions and culture... McLaren is the first to apply these insights in such a thorough and detailed manner to the ordinary working of the school. The results are always illuminating. -- Michael Apple ... He helps us to see more clearly the nature of our lostness and the barely visible sparks of liberation. -- David E. Purpel Educational Theory Groundbreaking... brilliant...a tour de force. -- Stephen Ball London Times Higher Education Supplement McLaren's pioneering discussions of the physicality of oppression moves beyond his predecessors. -- Deborah Britzman Journal Of Curriculum Theorizing A serious and important contribution to classroom ethnography. -- Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo Harvard Educational Review Schooling as Ritual Performance is an important book, not because it shows us once again how schools work to reproduce the present social arrangements, but because it illustrates the subtle way in which universes of symbolic meaning are realigned and then imposed on the consciousness of students through the medium of ritual. -- Thomas Shearer Orbit Since 1983, Peter McLaren has released a torrent of books, articles, and rejoinders that have altered the landscape of educational discourse...his writing contains dizzying examples of raids made into fields previously untried and untested in educational analyses...The Coda is vintage McLareniana. -- Phillip Roth Educational Studies (Usa) There is simply nothing in the educational literature that invites sustained comparison to Schooling as a Ritual Performance. -- Colin Lankshear From The Foreword
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