Job One: Experiences of New Professionals in Student Affairs

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In Job One, editors Peter Magolda and Jill Carnaghi place new professionals' stories "center stage." The book focuses on nine narratives written by new professionals about their introduction and transitions into Student Affairs work. These stories document the joys and angst felt as new professionals prepare to transition from graduate school-to-work, search for their first Student Affairs position, assimilate campus norms, formulate a professional identity, satisfy supervisors' expectations, mediate cultural conflicts, and remain true to their personal and professional values.


Chapter 1 Dedications Chapter 2 ACPA Media Board Chapter 3 Acknowledgements Chapter 4 Notes on Contributors Chapter 5 Introduction Chapter 6 Starting Over-Again: The Many Crossroads of a New Professional Chapter 7 Are they Hiring Me Because of the Color of My Skin? The Job Search and Ethnic Fit Chapter 8 The Art of Compromise and Other Secrets of the Dual-Career Job Search Chapter 9 Crossing the Bridge from Graduate School to Job One Chapter 10 The Early Days in the Real World: Establishing a Professional Identity Chapter 11 Getting from Day One to Year Four: Perspectives on My First Three Years as a Student Affairs Professional Chapter 12 The Perfect Job Chapter 13 Supportive Supervision for New Professionals Chapter 14 Playing it Safe or Being Real: Integrating a Disability and Profession Chapter 15 Part of the Crowd: One Man's Journey Through Identity Chapter 16 Professional and Personal Identities at the Crossroads Chapter 17 In Search of Greener Pastures Chapter 18 Preparing the Next Generation of Student Affairs Professionals Chapter 19 References


Peter M. Magolda is Associate Professor in the Miami University College Student Personnel Graduate Program. Jill Ellen Carnaghi is the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Students/Director of Campus Life at Washington University in St. Louis.
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