Growing Up Brown: Memoirs of a Filipino American

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Juni 2006



Describes the author's early life in a farm-labour camp in Livingston, California, and the path that took him, through naval service and graduate school, far beyond Livingston. This book describes decades of toil and progress before the Filipino community entered the socio-political mainstream.


Peter Jamero is a community activist and former executive director of the Asian American Recovery Services in San Francisco, assistant professor of rehabilitation medicine at the University of Washington, and state director of the Washington vocational rehabilitation program. He lives in Atwater, California.


"Growing Up Brown is intense, honest, and meaningful. Its major contributions will be etched in the ways it presents a 'local' story of a significant Filipino American bridge generation member cast within a larger tale of 'brown' Americans and their struggles to define themselves in relation to others, to find meaning in the communities and worlds they inhabited, and to tell their stories using their own voices and perspectives."--Rick Bonus, author of Locating Filipino Americans: Ethnicity and the Cultural Politics of Space
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