Bodmin Moor: An Archaeological Survey, Volume 2: The Industrial and Post-Medieval Landscapes [With Paperback Book]

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Mai 2008



This study of the industrial life of Bodmin Moor complements that of the prehistoric and medieval landscape of the Moor published in 1994 as volume 1 of the survey. Surviving archaeological and historical evidence of past mineral exploitation and industrial activity can today be found all over the Moor, Cornwall's largest area of granite upland. Survey found evidence for working methods from the earliest, simple and small-scale, to the sophisticated and industrial mining and quarrying of the nineteenth century when extraction of copper, tin, granite and china clay reached its most intensive phase. Like its predecessor, this volume includes copious photographs and line illustrations, and is accompanied by large-scale, full-color detailed maps of the Moor.


"This book will be the first point of reference for all future work on Bodmin Moor...It is something that all similar projects should aspire to...a highly readable and inspirational book."
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