Good God! (and Other Follies): Essays on Religion

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November 2006



Good God! (And Other Follies) takes a critical and satirical look at the wave of religiosity now sweeping the country. From faith-based initiatives to bans on stem cell research, from public postings of the Ten Commandments to attacks on evolution, American godliness has apparently never had it so good. Much of this behavior and even more of the God-talk accompanying it, whether fueled by passionate faith, cultural resentment, or political opportunism, is intellectually absurd. This book points out this absurdity and explores the underlying fallacies, contradictions and, at times, sheer nonsense that beset not only Christianity, but Judaism and Islam as well.


Chapter 1 Introduction: Bullish on God Chapter 2 Speaking of God- But Why Bother? Chapter 3 All Those Opposed to Morality, Please Raise Your Hand? Chapter 4 Apologizing for God Chapter 5 The God of the Dead Chapter 6 A God with Hair on his Chest Chapter 7 Thank God Almighty, Free at Last (Not) Chapter 8 No Discouraging Words, Please Chapter 9 God Answers Your Questions About Sex Chapter 10 It Pays to Believe Chapter 11 Pentateuch's Plan for Proper Penile Poking Imperiled by Perverts Chapter 12 Intercourse with God Chapter 13 Oh, Wow, It's a Miracle! Chapter 14 Soul-Shmole, It's My Body I'm Worried About Chapter 15 "The Trumpet Shall Sound"-And Then What? Chapter 16 A God We can Identify With Chapter 17 Go Figure Chapter 18 All Praise to the Ens Realissimum! Chapter 19 Don't Touch Idols: The Guilt Comes Off on Your Hands Chapter 20 How Sweet the Sound Chapter 21 Bible? Bible? Who Reads the Bible? Chapter 22 SoThat's What the Snake Meant Chapter 23 End Game Chapter 24 And You Thought Jews & Christians Were Crazy Chapter 25 Conclusion


Peter Heinegg is Professor of English at Union College. He received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Comparative Literature. He is an accomplished author publishing Better Than Both (University Press of America, 2005.)


"No one now writing-not Gore Vidal, not Christopher Hitchens, absolutely no one- writes about religion with a wit more wicked than Peter Heinegg's. In Good God!, Heinegg does for our day what Erasmus did for his in The Praise of Folly. A tour de force of high hilarity and merciless erudition." -- Jack Miles, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of God: A Biography
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