Teaching Elementary Physical Education: Strategies for the Classroom Teacher

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Teaching Elementary Physical Education: Strategies for the Classroom Teacher gives elementary education teachers the tools and strategies they need to teach physical education using a skills-based approach. Designed for the non-physical education teacher, the textbook provides a shorter, more focused presentation of how and what to teach in physical education. For many elementary education students, this course is the only exposure they will have to teaching physical education. As such, Teaching Elementary Physical Education: Strategies for the Classroom Teacher builds a strong foundation in the subject, featuring just the right amount of coverage on key topics including safety, child development, developing a PE curriculum, assessment, management, and discipline. The text's skills-theme approach focuses on teaching broadly applicable movements, such as throwing and catching, instead of specific games.


1. Introduction to Elementary Physical Education 2. Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment 3. Motor Skills to Children 4. The Daily Physical Education Lesson Plan 5. Strategies for Instruction 6. Strategies for Assessing Student Work 7. Managing a Physical Education Class: Protocols, Rules, and Accountability Systems 8. Managing Equipment, Space, and Time 9. Strategies for Managing Behavior During a Physical Education Lesson 10. Creating a Physically Safe Learning Environment 11. Strategies for Teaching Locomotor and Nonlocomotor Skills 12. Strategies for Teaching Manipulative Skills 13. Strategies for Teaching Games 14. Strategies for Teaching Rhythmic Movement 15. Strategies for Promoting Physical Activity and Fitness 16. Strategies for Complementing Classroom Work


Peter Hastie received a Ph.D. from the University of Queensland in the field of Human Movement Studies (Education). He is currently a professor at Auburn University in the Department of Health and Human Performance. His courses focus on elementary and secondary school physical education as well as the skills and concepts of sports and other activities. Peter is well known in the physical education community, mainly for his contributions to the study of Sport Education. Peter is the author of Teaching for Lifetime Physical Activity through Quality High School Physical Education (Benjamin Cummings, 2003). In addition, he is co-author of Complete Guide to Sport Education, along with Daryl Siedentop and Hans van der Mars (Human Kinetics, 2004). Ellen H. Martin earned her Ph.D. from Auburn University in the field of Physical Education. Currently she is an assistant professor at Columbus State University in the Department of Teacher Education. She teaches courses on assessment, elementary physical education methods, and the history of physical education, recreation, and sport. Ellen has served for several years as the Bookmark editor for the journal Teaching Elementary Physical Education. She has written several articles and co-authored a chapter for the book Resources for Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Recommendations from the Profession, edited by Gail Perry and Mary S. Duru (National Association for the Education of Young Children, 2000).

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