Scheler's Ethical Personalism: Its Logic, Development, and Promise

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Januar 1999



Peter Spader has written a magisterial study on Max Scheler, one of phenomenology's earliest and greatest figures, whose theory of ethical personalism has become a major voice in the formulation of phenomenological ethics today. Spader follows Scheler's use of the classic phenomenological approach, by means of which he presented a fresh view of values, feelings, and the person, and thereby staked out a new approach in ethics. Spader recreates the logic of Scheler's quest, revealing the basis of his thought and the reasons for his dramatic changes of direction. This remarkable study provides a framework that allows us to understand Scheler's insights in the context of their dynamic evolution of his thought. It corrects imbalances in the presentation of his ideas and defends Scheler against key misunderstandings and criticisms. In short, Spader's work continues the process of developing Scheler's pioneering theory of ethical personalism.


Peter H. Spader is Professor of Philosophy at Marywood University.


"My overall impression after reading Spader's manuscript, is a solid plece of Scheler scholarship, which breaks new ground in a number of promising directions, and will surely be viewed as a major contribution to the developing field of Scheler studies. His work aims at being comprehensive and sympathetic, yet without being uncritical." - Philip Blosser, Department of Philosophy, Lenoir-Rhyne College "This book casts novel light on the contentious balance between rationalist ethics (Kant) and the personalist ethics of values (Max Scheler). On the basis of the foundation of ethical personalism and of values provided by Scheler - monumental, yet unfinished -, Spader gleans elements toward its completion as a promise to a future morality. For anyone interested in the role of ethics in an age of high-spirited technology. Spader's assessments provide significant guidelines." - Manfred Frings, Editor of The Collected Works of Max Scheler
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