A Quarter Century of Unix

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UNIX is a software system that is simple, elegant, portable, and powerful. It grew in popularity without the benefit of a large marketing organization. Programmers kept using it; big companies kept fighting it. After a decade, it was clear that the users had won. A Quarter Century of UNIX is the first book to explain this incredible success, using the words of its creators, developers and users to illustrate how the sociology of a technical group can overwhelm the intent of multi-billion-dollar corporations. In preparing to write this book, Peter Salus interviewed over 100 of these key figures and gathered relevant information from Australia to Austria. This is the book that turns UNIX folklore into UNIX history. Features: provides the first documented history of the development of the UNIX operating system, includes interviews with over 100 key figures in the UNIX community, contains classic photos and illustrations, and explains why UNIX succeeded.


Acknowledgments. Preface. Introduction I. GENESIS. 0. Prelude to Space. 1. Summer 1969-Fall 1970. 2. Calculating and Computing. 3. Operating Systems. 4. Project MAC: CTSS and Multis II. BIRTH OF A SYSTEM. 5. The PDP-11. 6. First Edition, 1971. 7. C and Pipes: 1971-1973. 8. The First Paper-1973. 9. The Law-Part I. Status 1974. III. WHAT MAKES UNIX UNIX? 10. The Users. 11. Why Unix? 12. Style and Tools. 13. PWB and MERT. 14. Utilities. IV. UNIX SPREADS AND BLOSSOMS. 15. The Users-Part II. 16. Berkeley Unix: Part I. 17. Version 7. 18. Berkeley Unix: Part II. 19. Commercial Unix. 20. DEC. 21. The Law-Part II. V. THE UNIX INDUSTRY. 22. /usr/group. 23. Sun and JAWS. 24. Standards. VI. THE CURRENTS OF CHANGE. 25. Duelling Unixes. 26. Offspring Systems. 27. OSF and UI. 28. Berkeley Unix: After the VAX. 29. The Law-Part III. VII. FINALIE. Finale: What Made It Work? Further Reading. Who's Who and What's What. Index. 0201547775T04062001


About Peter H. Salus Peter H. Salus is an internationally recognized UNIX enthusiast and author of A Quarter Century of UNIX, also published by Addison-Wesley. He is the managing editor of the quarterly journal, Computer Systems. He is the author of a number of books, articles and reviews. Salus has an undergraduate degree in chemistry, a master's in Germanic languages, and a doctorate in linguistics from New York University. 0201547775AB04062001
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