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A Journey into Environmental Science

Just as a Global Positioning System helps you steer your car through systems of roads and highways, Environment, 6th Edition helps you navigate the interconnected-environmental systems presented in your environmental science course. By taking you from general principles to specific applications, Environment, 6th Edition helps you direct your path to understanding today's interrelated issues in environmental science. Environment, 6th Edition effectively blends solid scientific content with many examples of problems and solutions empowering you to make informed and responsible choices as you progress on your journey.

On your journey with Environment, 6th Edition you will:
* Explore how the various aspects of the environment interact and connect, and thus how changes in one part of the environment can affect other parts.
* Reach your own informed decisions on the various perspectives of environmental issues affecting the world today.

Plus, a wealth of resources are available to you online including:
* WileyPLUS, a powerful online tool that provides you with an integrated suite of learning resources, including an online version of the text, in one easy-to-use website.
* New "Campus EnviroNews" which connect current environment issues to students' lives on campus.
* And additional information and resources, including real environmental news video footage from around the world and in your own geographic region and backyard.


1. Introducing Environmental Science and Sustainability

2. Environmental Laws, Economics, and Ethics

3. Ecosystems and Energy

4. Ecosystems and Living Organisms

5. Ecosystems and the Physical Environment

6. Major Ecosystems of the World

7. Human Health and Environmental Toxicology

8. Population Change

9. The Problems of Overpopulation

10. The Urban world

11. Fossil Fuels

12. Nuclear Energy

13. Renewable Energy and Conservation

14. Water: A Limited Resource

15. Soils and Their Preservation

16. Minerals: A Nonrenewable Resource

17. Preserving Earth's Biological Diversity

18. Land Resources

19. Food Resources: A Challenge for Agriculture

20. Air Pollution

21. Regional and Global Atmospheric Changes

22. Water Pollution

23. The Pesticide Dilemma

24. Solid and Hazardous Wastes

25. Tomorrow's World


Peter H. Raven, Ph.D., is director of the Missouri Botanical Garden and Engelmann professor of botany at Washington University at St. Louis. He oversees the garden's internationally recognized research program in tropical botany--one of the world's most active in the study and conservation of imperiled tropical habitats. Raven's botanical research and work in the area of tropical conservation have earned him numerous honors and awards, including a MacArthur Fellowship. He has written 17 textbooks and more than 400 articles, and he is a member of th National Academy of Science and the National Research Council.
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