Biological Control Programmes in Canada, 1981-2000

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This book follows on from a previous volume "Biological Control Programmes against Insects and Weeds in Canada, 1969-1980," published in 1984. It includes chapters written by well known scientists involved in work on biological control between 1981 and 2000. The work reported provides models that will be applicable in many other countries.


Overiew chapters. Case studies: forestry - weeds, parasitic plants, insects and pathogens; agriculture - weeds, insects and pathogens; environmental - weeds and insects. Resources.


"This volume summarizes advances in biological control programs in Canada since 1981. Continuing from Biological Control Programmes Against Insects and Weeds in Canada 1969-1980 published in 1984, about one third of the 102 contributions reflect increased concentration on the evaluation and development of fungal and bacterial pathogens for inundative biological control of insects, weeds, and plant diseases. New chapters address invasive species and the change in philosophy of pesticide use, and the link between biological control and taxonomy. Treatments of pests are grouped by target host (weeds, insects, and plant pathogens). The book contains appendices on recent general references and Canadian suppliers of biological control agents, and references for further reading. Edited by Mason (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) and Huber (Canadian Forest Service)."--SciTech BookNews
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