Making Special Education Inclusive: From Research to Practice

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Januar 2002



The aim of this book is to consider how schools and LEAs can develop inclusive policies and practices for students who have a range of difficulties in learning or behaviour. Contributors consider ways in which the latest research can inform practice.


Making special education inclusive: mapping the issues; Looking them in the eyes: is rational provision for students with 'SEN' really possible?; Using research to encourage the development of inclusive practices; Can teaching assistants make special education inclusive; Learning about inclusive education: the role of EENET; Pastoral care, inclusion and counselling; Inclusive education and lesbian and gay young people; Inclusive solutions for children with EBD; Can nurture groups facilitate inclusive practice in primary schools?; The impact of domestic violence on children: implications for schools; Checking individual progress in phonics; What do we mean when we say 'dyslexia' and what difference does it make anyway?; Specialist teachers and inclusion: a case study; The inclusion of children with visual impairment in the mainstream primary classroom...
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