The Measure and the Pledge of Love: Reflections on the Cross

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August 2003



These reflections seek to relate the mystery of the love of God in Christ crucified to the devotional life of the pilgrim disciple. Although primarily reflections for Lent, they also seek to link the awesome events of Good Friday to five major festivals of the church liturgical cycle: Advent, Christmas, Lent, East, and Pentecost. They seek to encourage us to ponder the fact that behind the horror of it all, in which every age and all conditions are enfolded, there is an eternally loving purpose that both reveals and heals the best and worst of the human condition. This book is intended for individual or group study, and will be of particular interest during Lent or Holy Week. Each chapter concludes with a prayer and some suggestions for further consideration and discussion. The Very Rev'd Peter Barrett is Dean of Waterford and Bishop Elect of Cashel and Ossory.


Peter F. Barrett is the newly-elected Bishop of Cashel and Ossory.

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