The Medieval Lyric

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August 2002



This highly acclaimed introduction to the medieval lyric during the period 850-1300 is now reissued in a third edition, which includes a new preface and substantial new bibliographical indications. After an introductory discussion of the performers and performance of lyrics in the middle ages, each chapter analyses one of the major lyrical genres and centres on close critical discussion of outstanding lyrics, with generous quotation of texts and translations. While the rise of religious lyric and the transformations of love-lyric receive the fullest treatment, there are also chapters on women's songs, on the alba, on dance-songs, and on lyrics of realism'.


Part 1 Introduction - performers and performance: the performer's travels; the performer's and composer's social status; the mode of performance; the performer's repertoire. Part 2 The rise of religious lyric: beginnings; the early sequence; the 11th century; 12th-century France; Italy and the Franciscans; early English lyrics; Spain and Portugal; Germany and the Low Countries. Part 3 "Cantigas de amigo". Part 4 Transformations of medieval love-lyric: Guillaume and Kuerenberc; troubadours and trouveres; Minnesang; a Latin lyric; English and Galician love-songs; from the Sicilians to Dante. Part 5 The alba. Part 6 Dance-songs. Part 7 Lyrics of realism.


A rich, closely packed book. THE TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT
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