Comparative Law in a Changing World

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September 2007



Providing a comprehensive and comparative analysis of the legal approach to key areas of law within different legal systems, this book offers a blueprint for comparative legal study by evaluating the epistemological debate on comparative law and comparative legal research methods.


Introducing Comparative Law. Classification of Legal Systems into Legal Families. The Civil Law System. The English Common Law System. European Community Law and Europeanization. Socialist Law and other Types of Legal System. Techniques of Comparative Law. A Comparative Study of Judicial Styles and Case Law. A Comparative Study of Statutory Interpretation. The Law of Obligations: A Comparative Study. Corporate and Commercial Law. Sale of Goods. Labour Law. Comparative Law, Globalization and the New World Order


Peter de Cruz is Professor of Law at Liverpool John Moores University.


Praise for the first edition; 'The first edition of this lucidly written, helpfully and logically structured, sensibly indexed, and very scholarly book, packed with so much knowledge from so many sources, was an enormous help to teachers and students of comparative law both at under-graduate and post-graduate levels. It assisted lecturers in other subjects including contract, tort, sale of goods, and employment to add an authoritative comparative element to their course. The second edition, which takes into account subsequent events, developments and currents of thought, further enhances it great value. The Law Teacher, Andrew Watson, Inns of Court School of Law.
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