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The perfect reference tools for first-time job seekers, mid-career professionals in transition, or anyone looking for a new position, these books help readers find and select the best employment websites for them. More than 60 specialty job boards and career portals have been selected and profiled by the guru of online job search, Peter Weddle. Each profile includes a full description and picture of each site, the site's geographic coverage and years of operation, and the job search services and features offered. In addition, an easy-to-use reference section provides guidelines for evaluating the sites and using them to best advantage. Each guide in this series is updated continually at WEDDLE's website,, providing the best possible resources for finding a dream job online.


Peter Weddle is the CEO of WEDDLE's, a specialty publisher in the fields of employment and leadership. He writes a biweekly column on employment for "The Wall Street Journal" and has previously written columns about job searching and career management for CNN and Dow Jones's "National Business Employment Weekly." He is the author of "Career Fitness," "WEDDLE's 2005/6 Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet," "WEDDLE's 2005/6 Directory of Employment-Related Internet Sites," "WEDDLE's 2005/6 Guide to Association Web Sites, "and the WEDDLE's WIZNotes series. He lives in Stamford, Connecticut.


"Refreshingly unassuming and hype-free text... It's all excellent stuff." --Porter Anderson, CNN "A wealth of useful, updated information." -- Library Journal "[Peter Weddle has] been the master for years of ... job-boards... Highly recommended!" --Richard Nelson Bolles, author, What Color is Your Parachute "Restaurant patrons looking for quality dining have Zagat to guide their cuisine needs. For the recruitment industry, the name is Weddle ... Peter Weddle that is." --American Staffing Association
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