Change and Intervention

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Mai 1991



A number of papers on policies for vocational education and training (VET), written by policy makers, educationalists, industrialists and trainers. The book presents a series of different perspectives revealing the scale of change and intervention currently affecting VET's infrastructure.


A collection of pipers, Peter Raggatt and Lorna Unwin; developing standards, Graham Debling; competence and higher education - implications for institutions and professional bodies, John Burke; serving the needs of industry?, Richard Guy; quality assurance and NVQs, Peter Raggatt; meeting the needs of a "Global Society" - vocational education and training in the United States of America, Lorna Unwin; co-operation, co-ordination and quality in employer and educational partnerships - a role for the regions, Ian McNay; winners and losers - the education and training of adults, Richard Edwards; out of the adult hut - institutionalization, individuality and new values in the education of adults, John Field; conditions for learner autonomy at a distance, Lewis Elton; changes in funding - a college response, Keith Cook and Geoff crook; a case study of Courtaulds Grafil Ltd - NVQs and the man-made fibres industry, Lorna Unwin; improvements in workforce qualifications - Britain and France 1979-88, Hilary Steedman.
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