Work to Welfare: How Men Become Detached from the Labour Market

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Januar 2003



Explores issues relating to the rapidly increasing number of men detached from the labour market.


Preface; Part I. The Context for Labour Market Detachment: 1. The UK labour market; 2. The international context; 3. The benefits system; Part II. New Evidence from the UK: 4. The detached male workforce; 5. Incapacity benefit and unemployment; 6. The over 50s; 7. Family, life course and labour market detachment; 8. The role of health in labour market detachment; 9. Getting by; 10. Back to work?; Part III. The Policy Implications: 11. New roles, new deal; Appendix: Research methodology.


Pete Alcock is Professor of Social Policy and Administration at the University of Birmingham. He has published extensively on poverty, social exclusion and the benefits system. Christina Beatty is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University and a statistician by background. Stephen Fothergill is a Professor at CRESR and an economist by background. He has published extensively on urban and regional problems in the UK. Rob MacMillan is a researcher in the Department of Geography, Durham University. He was previously a researcher at CRESR. Sue Yeandle is a Professor of Sociology at CRESR and the School of Social Science and Law, Sheffield Hallam University. She has published extensively on work, employment and the family.


'The book is a superb mix of statistical comparison, survey data, and moving testaments from the in-depth qualitative interviews ...'. Environment and Planning
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