Family 360: A Proven Approach to Getting Your Family to Talk, Solve Problems, and Improve Relationships

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Dezember 2003



I used the "Family 360" to help me raise the bar on myself in terms of being a better, more effective husband and father." - Lee Bird, Executive Vice President and COO, Gap North America. Perry M. Christensen and Benson L. Porter - who have used this amazingly effective tool at companies, such as Honeywell, General Motors and IBM - show how anyone who wants to reconnect with loved ones can assess current relationships, talk one-on-one with family members, and make positive changes. Whether you're an executive who feels you have neglected your personal relationships, or a working parent who wants to get more connected to your family, you'll learn a practical and inspiring approach to developing ongoing, open, and loving communication in your personal and family relationships.


Perry Christensen consults with Fortune 100 companies and their operations around the globe. He also conducts ongoing research in collaboration with Wharton Business School on Work/Life Issues.

Ben Porter has more than 20 years' executive development experience, holding positions at Lockheed, Amoco, and PepsiCo. He currently runs executive development programs at companies such as Honeywell and GM.

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