Promoting Health in Families

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Addresses areas of family health with an emphasis on promoting health and wellness and family self-care. This book reflects the changing dimensions of family health care and family life. It introduces an international perspective, recognizing the commonalities of family life across cultures and features family health promotion issues in Canada.


I: Foundations of Nursing Care of Families and Family Health Promotion
1. Introduction to Family Health Nursing and Promoting Family Health
2. The Twenty-First Century Family
3. Family Health Promotion and Health Protection Unit
II: Conceptual Frameworks for Nursing Practice to Promote and Protect Family Health
4. Theoretical Foundations for Family Health Nursing Practice (NEW)
5. Family Roles
6. Family Social Support
7. Family Communication
8. Family Spirituality and Religion
9. Sociocultural Influences on Family Health Promotion and Health Protection Unit
III: Family Nursing Practice
10. Using the Nursing Process with Families (NEW)
11. Family Assessment and Intervention
12. Family Health Protection
13. Family Nutrition
14. Family Stress Management
15. Family Sexuality
16. Family Routines, Rituals, Recreation, and Rules
17. Family Health Promotion During Transitions
18. Family Health Promotion During Life Threatening Illness and End of Life (NEW)
19. Family Environmental Health
20. Health Promotion of Families in Rural Settings (NEW) Unit
IV: Social and Family Policy and the Future of Family Health
21. Influences of Social and Health Policies on Family Health
22. Family Health Promotion and Family Nursing in the New Millennium (NEW)
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