Emily Post's Wedding Planner

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November 2006



Fully revised and beautifully repackaged, this new edition of Emily Post's classic wedding planner provides important to-do checklists, questions to ask vendors, and budgeting information for easy use. Illustrations.


This wedding planner will help brides ask all the right questions, keep track of all the details, stick to their budget, and plan the wedding of their dreams. An attractive design with streamlined practicality, providing important to-do checklists, questions to ask, vendor comparison charts, and budgeting information for easy use by today's busy brides. Emily Post's Wedding Planner will help couples organise and keep track of every detail of their wedding, with the clarity and comprehensiveness readers have come to expect from this trusted authority. When used as a companion to Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette, every couple can feel confident that no detail has been overlooked in creating a wedding experience that will be treasured by all for years to come.

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