You Aren't Alone: The Voices of Abortion

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Januar 2003



If you are considering an abortion, this book is for you. Read the stories of women and girls who have had abortions. Read about their lives and decisions. You may find a story similar to your own.
The intention is not to put a guilt trip on you, or hit you over the head with religion, or pass judgment on you. This book was written because of and for women who are in difficult situations.

The women who shared their stories are very brave. As you read about their lives you will laugh, cry, even get angry. Most of all, in reading these stories you may be better able to decide what is right for you. An abortion is a big step with life-long consequences.

In the author's experience as a marriage and family counselor, the loss of a baby in abortion causes post-abortion trauma in nearly every case. Abortion causes a permanent loss. It is because of that loss that serious problems begin to affect the lives of women who have had abortions.

There are alternatives to abortion. Thousands of loving couples who can't give birth themselves are praying daily for a woman to care enough to share her blessing of birth with them.

Others have been where you are at this moment. You are not alone.
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