Finding My Own Way

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September 2001



It's an exciting time for seventeen-year-old Libby as she announces to her aunt that she plans to leave Toronto in the 1950's to live alone in the empty family home in Pinkney Corners. She's determined to make it on her own and hone her skills as a writer so that she can become a novelist and journalist like her deceased mother.


The Huis and Where They Came From;
The Formation of the Hui Zu;
The Fate of the Hui During and After the Qing Dynasty;
Further Assimilation of Minorities and its effects of Muslims;
How the Hui Zu Lives in China;
Influential Muslim Personalities;
Admiral Zheng He and His Achievements;
Contributions of the Chinese Muslims;
The Staunchness of the Chinese Muslims.


Peggy Dymond Leavey's previous books include Sky Lake Summer, The Deep End Gang, and The Path Through the Trees, all of which were nominated for the Silver Birch Award. Recently, she published Growing Up Ivy, Mary Pickford, and Laura Secord. Peggy lives in Trenton, Ontario.
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