Calderon: Three Plays

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Januar 1991



Collection of three plays by Spanish Golden Age playwright Pedro Calderon, all translated by British playwright, poet and novelist Adrian Mitchell. Includes Mayor of Zalamea which was staged at the National Theatr.


"Born in Madrid, he was educated by the Jesuits, studies law and philosophy, and for 10 years served in the Milanese and in Flanders. Adrian Mitchell was a much-loved playwright, poet and activist. His work in the theatre spans more than four decades. It includes original plays, many of them based on his heroes including William Blake, Mark Twain and Erik Satie, and adaptations of Spanish Golden Age and Russian classics. He worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre and the Unicorn Theatre and his plays have been performed across the world. "


"On The Mayor of Zalamea: 'Adrian Mitchell's translation into various verse forms is spectacular' - Spectator 'A blazing masterpiece' - The Times 'Adrian Mitchell's version of the multi-toned tragi-comedy is something of a revelation. For it show that Calderon can be done into English with the kind of fluency (and fun) which we might expect from our own Jacobean playwrights - and with a flavour all his own' - Daily Telegraph "
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