All Men are Brothers

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This translation of a Chinese classic (14th Century) is the epic tale of a band of patriots in China during the latter part of Sung Dynasty and is considered by most to be one to the three or four greatest novels in Chinese literature. Shui hun chuan (water margin chronicles) is the adventure of a band of 108 outlaws (105 men and 3 women) struggling to help the Emperor rid himself of the despotic prime minister. Like Robin Hood, the bandit kings refer to themselves as the "gallant fraternity." They come out to harass the authorities and to attempt to solicit followers to overthrow a corrupt government in the name of the Emperor. Chocked full of ghosts, innkeepers who make hamburgers of their guests, giants of superhuman strength, beautiful women in distress, wily intellectuals and crafty merchants, this is a timeless tale of love and adventure.


"Pearl Buck's rendering of All Men Are Brothers is, of course, her finest work and a classic of American prose."
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