Interviewing and Diagnostic Exercises for Clinical and Counseling Skills Building

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November 2004



This book, and invaluable resource for all those teaching and learning interviewing and diagnostic skills, presents engaging hands-on exercises involving a broad range of clients that guide readers through the process of establishing trust and conceptual


Contents: Preface for Instructors/Supervisors. Preface for Students/Trainees. Types of Interviewing Skills Indexed by Chapter: Table 1. Diagnosis Indexed by Chapter: Table 2. Conceptual Issues Indexed by Chapter: Table 3. Part I: Introduction. Interviewing Skills Hightlighted in the Text. Highlighted Diagnostic Practice. Part II: Adult Profiles for Use in Individual Sessions. Preface to Part II. Case of Monisha: Presenting Issues--College Adjustment, Academic Pressure. Case of Jie: Presenting Issues--School Performance, Culture. Case of Brenda: Issues--Parenting Young Children, Identity Shift. Case of Aaron: Presenting Issues--Hallucinations, Substance Abuse. Case of Mary: Presenting Issues--Depression, Anxiety. Case of Mark: Issues--Survival Guilt, Career Confusion. Case of Sarah: Issues--Husband With Alzheimer's Disease, Family Pressure. Case of David: Presenting Issues--Substance Abuse, Employment. Case of Lisa: Presenting Issues--Marital Difficulties, Life Changes. Case of Gary: Presenting Issues--Aggression, Substance Abuse. Part III: Child and Teen Profiles for Use in Individual Sessions. Preface to Part III. Case of Cynthia: Issues--Eating Disorder, Emerging Sexuality. Case of Jeffrey: Issues--Social Alienation, School Failure. Case of Melissa: Presenting Issues--Divorce, Shared Custody. Case of Edward: Presenting Issues--Single-Parent Family, Acculturation. Case of Raoul: Presenting Issues--Racial Prejudice, Substance Use. Case of Erica: Presenting Issues--Bereavement, Behavior Problems. Case of Joseph: Presenting Issues--Abandonment, Agression. Case of Sabina: Presenting Issues--Acculturation Conflicts, Emancipation. Case of Alex: Presenting Issues--Neglect, Behavior Problems. Case of Cathy: Presenting Issues--Sexual Abuse, Abandonment. Appendix: Interviewing Skills Worksheets.
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