Room to Let

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April 2003



Janet and Eddie are an ordinary couple, living a cosy life together, enjoying daily pleasures--bingo, TV, ketchup and dreams of a holiday at Butlins. The only thing missing is marriage itself.


Born in Leicester in 1971, Tucker quickly built up an impressively long CV of remedial 'temp' jobs after leaving school at sixteen - ranging from Pork pie filler to Santa Claus in Lewis's Christmas grotto. His career shift began in 1989, when Working Title produced his first screenplay A Great Day for Making Friends for Channel 4. Since then Tucker has represented Britain in the International Festival of Playwrights in Australia, his screenplay Possession was nominated for 'Best Single Drama' by the Writer's Guild of Great Britain, his first full-length feature film The Last Yellow starring Samantha Morton and Mark Addy was made by the BBC. He has had plays produced at The Royal Court Theatre and at the Shauspiel Theatre in Germany.
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