Lifting the Scientific Veil: Science Appreciation for the Nonscientist

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Oktober 1999



Lifting the Scientific Veil has been written to afford the nonscience student the same meaningful opportunity to explore germane scientific topics as is generally given the science student to learn about the humanities and social sciences.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Acknowledgments Part 3 Unit I: Introduction to Science Chapter 4 The Need for Science Appreciation Part 5 Unit II: The Origin of the Universe Chapter 6 The Mystery Called the Big Bang Chapter 7 Requiem for the Big Bang Part 8 Unit III: The Mystery of Quantum Physics Chapter 9 The Emerging Quantum Universe Chapter 10 Quantum Weirdness Verified Part 11 Unit IV: The Theory of Relativity Chapter 12 The Special Theory of Relativity Chapter 13 Past and Future Time Travel Part 14 Unit V: The Social and Cultural Impact of the Theory of Relativity Chapter 15 The Philosophic Side of Relativity Part 16 Unit VI: Life and Evolution Chapter 17 The Origin of Life Chapter 18 Evolution and the Emergence of Humanity Part 19 Unit VII: Procreation, Biotechnology, and the Law Chapter 20 Juriscience and Human Life Chapter 21 The Regulatory Environment and Genetic Engineering Part 22 Unit VIII: Science: The Final Frontier Chapter 23 The Implications of Science for the Future Chapter 24 The History of the Future Chapter 25 Appendix 1: Time Line of Scientific Thought Chapter 26 Appendix 2: Brief Biographies of Scientists Discussed Chapter 27 Glossary Chapter 28 Bibliography Chapter 29 Index


Paul A. Sukys is a professor of humanities, literature, law, and legal studies at North Central State College in Mansfield, Ohio.
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