Managing Legal and Security Risks in Computers and Communications

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Januar 1998



-- Allows you to quickly locate pertinent laws
-- Contains a detailed discussion of the laws requiring organizations to retain computer security
-- Includes an examination of Federal and State law on computer crime
-- Serves as a legal reference for developing training material
-- Helps you foster a continuing dialog with legal counsel
-- Is comprehensive, up to date, and easy to read


Computer Protection and Legal Liability Risks; Reducing Liability Risks: Compliance Programs; Protecting Intellectual Property Rights; Trade Secrets; Trademarks and Patents; Copyrights; Information Privacy and Confidentiality; Records Management; Disaster Planning for Information Systems; Electronic Commerce; E-mail Policy Guide; Creating and Managing a Website; Computer Crime Law; Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Individuals and Organizations; Shoehorn Laws: Federal Statutes Used to Prosecute Computer-related Crime; State Computer Crime Statutes; Discovery and Computer Evidence; Technical Standards for Computing and Communications Security.


"...the book provides worthwhile information that would benefit any organization with responsibility for computing and communications." - Security Management
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