Audel Electrician's Pocket Manual

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Your on-the-job reference Now fully updated for the 2002 National Electrical Code, the Electricians Pocket Manual is packed with charts, conversions, photographs, diagrams, code standards, and other information you need on the job. Find answers quickly and easily Explains updated maintenance and construction standards Provides details on motors, controllers, and circuits Examines electronic components and communications wiring Features 28 pages of drawings, diagrams, and plans Offers guidelines for dealing with hazardous location wiring Covers generators, mechanical power transmission, and electrical power distribution Includes a chapter on tools and safety


Introduction.1. Electrical Laws.2. Electronic Components and Circuits.3. Electronic Drawings.4. Motors, Controllers and Circuits.5. Generators.6. Mechanical Power Transmission.7. Electrical Power Distribution.8. Grounding.9. Contactors and Relays.10. Welding.11. Transformers.12. Circuit Wiring.13. Communications Wiring.14. Wiring in Hazardous Locations.15. Tools and Safety.Appendix.Index.
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