The Breaking of Northwall

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April 2005



One thousand years after a devastating and chaotic series of nuclear exchanges, all that is left of the United States of America are scattered, warring tribes and small city-states. One of the latter is Pelbar--proud, civilized, and intolerant of change and new ideas. Rebels and troublemakers are sentenced to a year of exile at the massive midwestern fortress of Northwall, defending Pelbar against the fierce Shumai and Sentani tribes. Restless and brilliant Jestak is a visionary who has seen and learned too much in his distant travels to be content with life in Pelbarigan. During his exile at Nothwall, he makes contact with Pelbar's age-old enemies and risks all to rescue his beloved Tia from nomads armed with long-lost weapons from before the atomic holocaust. Jestak's daring quest for love brings profound changes to his world. The Breaking of Northwall is the first in a series of seven classic postapocalyptic novels about the Pelbar people. Williams's fascinating and uniquely optimistic vision of an America long after a nuclear war has enthralled readers for decades.


In addition to the Pelbar series, Paul O. Williams (1935-2009) is the author of "The Man from Far Cloud" and "Outside Robins Sing: Selected Haiku" as well as "The Nick of Time: Essays on Haiku Aesthetics," and several other books.


"These are excellent blends of serious themes and high adventure and it's a crime they have been unavailable for so long."--"Science Fiction Chronicle"
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