A Journey with Jonah

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Januar 2002



The Book of Jonah, although a work of only two pages long, has made an extraordinary impact on the history of Jewish, Catholic, and Islamic spirituality. As the author demonstrates in this compact and readable book, the Book of Jonah emerges as perhaps the most profoundly Christian of all the books in the Hebrew Bible, and the book that speaks with the most telling resonance for our own age. The Book's message is a serious and compelling one.


Paul Murray is an Irish Dominican from the North of Ireland. At present he teaches theology at the University of St Thomas (Angelicum) in Rome, where he also serves as Spiritual Director. He has lectured widely in spiritual theology and the literature of the Christian tradition.


"Paul Murray is gifted in the way he engages the reader in his original approach... Full of humour, realism and original insights, it shakes us out of our rigid ways and apathy, and helps us recognise God in places where we least expect to see him. It really is a treasure."
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