The Healing Mind: The Vital Links Between Brain and Behavior, Immunity and Disease

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Dezember 1999



Based on the latest scientific research in psychology and immunology, this groundbreaking book offers compelling new evidence of vital links between the brain and the immune system.


Dr. Paul Martin received his Ph.D. in behavioral biology at Cambridge University. He was a Harkness Fellow in the School of Medicine at Stanford University. He subsequently lectured and researched at Cambridge University and was elected a fellow of Wolfson College. He and his family live in England.


"Most of the time we think we're sick. It's all in the mind." --Thomas Wolfe
"A trustworthy discussion....the book spins an intricate network of mind-body connections based on common sense and the novel work of many researchers." -"-The Washington Post Book World"
"Engaging...comprehensive...tantalizing...scientifically sound." --"Publishers Weekly"
"Captivating...Paul Martin argues brilliantly that all illnesses have psychological and emotional consequences as well as causes. I stand convinced." --"Literary Review"
"An exceptionally readable--that is, both entertaining and enlightening--presentation of what is now known about how psychological and emotional states influence physical health and are in turn affected by it. A clearheaded survey of a muddy field." --"Kirkus Reviews"
"Martin's clear supported by an in-depth analysis..This is highly recommended for all consumer health and public library collections." --"Library Journal"
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