The Electrical Resistivity of Metals and Alloys

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November 2003



Understanding the origin of electrical properties of alloys is critical to the development of new materials. Dr. Rossiter blends theoretical and experimental results without relying on detailed quantum mechanics. After introducing the basic concepts of atomic and magnetic correlations, he explains their microstructural consequences. Later chapters deal with the effects of such correlations on electrical resistivity. Examples and applications are given in discrete sections, which allow the uninterrupted development of theory for each specific problem.


1. Basic concepts; 2. Atomic configuration of an alloy; 3. The structure of magnetic materials; 4. Electrons in simple metals and alloys; 5. Electrical resistivity of simple metals and alloys; 6. Non-simple, non-magnetic metals and alloys; 7. Magnetic and nearly magnetic alloys; 8. Other phenomena; Appendices; References; Index.


" other text so thoroughly covers the range of theoretical approaches needed specifically for alloys, or applies them to so wide a variety of alloys..." Physics Today "...a useful compendium for both the novice and the hardened professional scientist." Materials Forum
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