Field Ethnography: A Manual for Doing Cultural Anthropology

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Dezember 1997



For undergraduate-level courses in Ethnographic Field Methods and Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. Unlike other ethnographic field manuals - which are either written for the graduate or professional levels or are narrowly restrictive in their methodological approach - this manual focuses specifically on the needs of introductory-level students. It takes them by the hand and leads them step-by-step through the entire process - through tasks that range from simple to complex and that invite students to use their own lives as tools to understand various categories of culture. This task-oriented and reflective approach makes this the first field manual to emphasize the investigative instrument (the ethnographer) as well as the cultural situations, informants, and techniques of analysis.


INTRODUCTION. Anthropology as Oxymoron, Alice Reich. Ethics. The Zero A Final Introductory Word. THE SMALL FIELD ASSIGNMENTS. Map of a Block. A Changing Block in Standale, Heather Danielkiewicz.In the Cracks, Evan Hill.The Block of Espanola, Adan Trujillo.Private Language. Tree Huggers, Jenny Irving.A Study of Automobile Terminology, Colleen Ximenes."Oh American," Brad Beall.Fighting the Bear, Tony Munoz.Body Language. Isolation and the Pickup, Chris Lawler.A Drug Buy, Paul Thompson.Eyes to Heaven, Gay Boyer.Ritual. Roman Catholic Mass, Dana Curtis.In the Line of Duty, Alan N. Stewart.The Formal Farewell, Joshua Keilty.Leaving the House, Carla Miller.Psyching Up, Tony Munoz.Friday Night, Bill Dunbar.The Family Breakfast, Renato Rosaldo. THE BIG ETHNOGRAPHY. Student Illustrative Ethnographies. Ethnography of Police Work in An Affluent Community, Otis Jeffrey White.North Elementary School, Jenny Irving and Michael Allen.Intensive Care: An Ethnography of a Critical Care Unit, Christopher Goodwin.Ethnography of a Greyhound Track: A Study on Social Stratification and Die Hards, Stephanie Smith.Women of the Night: An Ethnography of the Women Who Work at Kitty's, Elizabeth Cunningham and Kathryn Hayes.The Dale House: Finding a Family in the System,Jennifer Sands.Bijou House, Andrew D. Lewis.Denny's: A Discovery of the Night People, Jack Denman.Bibliography.
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