The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism

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September 2007



"God and Ronald Reagan" made historian Paul Kengor one of the premier chroniclers of the life and career of the 40th president. Now, with "The Crusader," Kengor returns with the one book about Reagan that has not been written: The story of his lifelong crusade against communism, and of his dogged--and ultimately triumphant--effort to overthrow the Soviet Union.


Paul Kengor, Ph.D., is the author of God and Ronald Reagan and God and George W. Bush, both of which were New York Times Extended List bestsellers. He is known in the States for his work on presidential history, which has been featured in dozens of major national publications, both popular and academic, including USA Today, the Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, National Review, Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Wall Street Journal.
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