Peace Politics: The United States Between Old and New World Orders

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März 1993



Develops a systematic comparison of the "old" and "new" world orders that links foreign and domestic affairs. By examining the issues that are central to the realignment of American politics, this book offers an account of the possibilities and obstacles for progressive change over the 1990s.


Acknowledgments Introduction: National Security in the Old and New World Orders
1. The Bomb and the Rain Forest
2. Old and New World Orders in Operation Desert Storm
3. National Security and the New World Order: What the Public Thinks
4. Peace Movements Make a Difference
5. Developing a Peace Economy
6. Security, Democracy, and Nuclear Weapons Policy
7. Peace Politics: Obstacles and Possibilities References Index


"Joseph's book is especially valuable and distinctive for its freshly mapped avenues into the sometimes dense field of international relations. His sophisticated analysis of 20th century U.S. peace movements is richly textured and analytically revealing." --Cynthia Enloe, Clark University, and author of Bananas, Beaches, and Bases "Paul Joseph offers a much needed, coherent, progressive U.S. foreign policy, based on an analysis of the emerging world and the realities of American society." --Louis Kriesberg, Director, Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts, Syracuse University "Peace Politics is the first book that I have found that fully and systematically explores the implications of the dramatic shift in the international system that we have witnessed in the past few years." --William A. Gamson, Professor of Sociology, Boston College "This book is a tour de force. Joseph has packed an enormous amount of material and thoughtful analyses in a very readable presentation. The book is comprehensive, balanced, and wise." --S.M. Miller, Visiting Professor, Boston College and Senior Fellow, Commonwealth Institute
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