Christianity and Politics in Doe's Liberia

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Mai 2002



This study examines the role of Christianity in Liberia under the corrupt rule of Samuel K. Doe (1980 90).


Introduction; 1. The historical context; 2. The mainline churches; 3. The evangelical churches; 4. The faith gospel of health and wealth; 5. The independent churches; 6. The geopolitical context; 7. Conclusion.


"...a must for all interested in African Christianty and politics and their interplay wth American Christianity and politics. Not only is this a representative case study but also a very wide-ranging one...To Paul Gifford and Cambridge University Press, a thousand thanks." Jan H. Boer, Calvin Theological Journal "...a chilling but vivid analysis of the role of the Christian church in Liberia...Overall this is an absorbing book, based on personal experience and a wide range of sources. It is, also, to say the least, contentious, particularly with regard to the strictures on American evangelists, past and present. Undoubtedly, this book is certainly bound to generate spirited debate in some circles." Felix K. Ekechi, African Studies Review "...a welcome addition to the literature on Liberia." D. Elwood Dunn, Journal of Church and State "It is well written, clearly argued, and provides a very useful case study of African Christianity since the Pentecostal explosion." - American Historical Review
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