Conquest, Anarchy and Lordship: Yorkshire, 1066 1154

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April 2002



A study of aristocratic politics and government in Yorkshire in the century after 1066.


Introduction; 1. The Norman conquest of Yorkshire; 2. The transformation of Yorkshire 1066-1135: territorial consolidation and administrative integration; 3. The transformation of Yorkshire 1086-1135: military enfeoffment and monasteries; 4. The reign of Stephen; 5. The Scots in the north; 6. Cartae baronum, new enfeoffments and the nature of the honour; 7. The first century of English feudalism.


"This is not only a very solid regional study but one that makes a number of important contributions to our understanding of English history as a whole in the Anglo-Norman period...Overall, this is a book that anyone interested in the history of England in the eleventh and twelfth centuries should read." Speculum-A Journal of Medieval Studies "Dalton's work is clear, shows well the complexities of lordship, and is valuable as the only full study of feudal Yorkshire...All in all, the book is provocative..." History "Paul Dalton's work on eleventh- and twelfth-century Yorkshire is far more than local history...must change our whole view of the politics of northern England, and of Anglo-Scottish relations, during the first half of the twelfth century...draws a vivid picture of the world of the Normans in Yorkshire." Emilie Amt, Albion "Dalton is good not only at reminding us of the shortcomings of the Domesday evidence, but also at showing how the silences of the great census may be explained in the context of his arguments." Emilie Amt, Albion
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