Hunting's Best Short Stories

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The drama, danger, and energy of the hunt are unsurpassed as inspiration for short-story writers, many of whom have been fine hunters themselves. This collection spans the full range of the 20th century and boasts many prize-winning authors and stories, including Wallace Stegner's "The Blue-Winged Teal," Thomas McGuane's "Sportsmen," and Lawrence Sargent Hall's "The Ledge," as well as Ernest Hemingway's "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" and riveting selections by David Quammen, Rick Bass, and E. Annie Proulx. A lighter side of the sport is provided in Irvin S. Cobb's "The Plural of Moose Is Mise," while T. Coraghessan Boyle's "Big Game" plays wickedly on the Hemingway classic.


Preface; Introduction: Ride the High Country or "They Went Thataway"; Cowboy Codes: Straight & Pure & All Boy; When We were Young: Nostalgia & the Cowboy Hero; Arms & the Man: The Friendly Gun; Give Me My Boots & Saddles: Camp Cowboy; Tall in the Saddle: Romance on the Range; White Hats & White Heroes: Who Is That Other Guy?; Virgin Land: Landscape, Nature, & Masculinity; Corporate Cowboys & the Shaping of a Nation; Postscript - The Frontiersman (1938); List of Films Mentioned; References; Index.


Paul D Staudohar has edited all of the books in the Sports Best Short Stories series. He is a professor of business administration at California State University at Hayward. He lives in Lafayette, California.


"The greatest hunting stories of all time." -- BC Outdoors Hunting & Shooting, July/August 2003. "The thrill of the sport." -- The Outdoor Edge, July/August 2003. "A book you should buy (even if you don't hunt)." -- Esquire magazine "A great example of a collection of hunting stories that covers the entire spectrum." -- Times Union "Packed with fine prose from notable authors both classic and contemporary." -- Library Journal "Hunters heading to camp can do no better than to pack along Hunting's Best Short Stories ." -- The Spokesman-Review "A commanding book that every hunter needs to read." -- The Morning Call "One of the best reads I have come across in a long time." -- Texas Fish & Game
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