Fishing's Best Short Stories

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April 2003



These 25 unforgettable fishing stories boast fast action, dramatic plot twists, and intriguing characters, from the sinister to the hilarious. Spanning the entire 20th century, they offer a bounty of fishing adventures: the solitary sportsman casting in a fast trout stream; expensive ocean charters seeking grouper; a couple of kids with bamboo poles and high hopes for the big one. The world-class authors include Stephen King, Bob Shacochis, Thomas McGuane, and E. Annie Proulx; timeless storytellers such as Guy de Maupassant and the Brothers Grimm; and early- and mid-century favorites like Stephen Vincent Benet, Philip Wylie, Henry Van Dyke, and others. Sports enthusiasts and story lovers alike will find this collection irresistible.


"Interesting and entertaining ... humorous to thought provoking ... skillfully executed in a fashion that makes for enjoyable reading." -- Island Fisherman Magazine "If you love suspense, action and the outdoors, you'll enjoy this book." -- International Angler "This collection promises to provide hours of entertainment for anyone." -- The Big Game Fishing Journal
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