Making Nonprofits Work: A Report on the Tides of Nonprofit Management Reform

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This report charts the current trends of management reform in the nonprofit sector, and examines the four most popular methods being advocated.


Paul C. Light is the Paulette Goddard Professor of Public Service at New York University, USA. He is also Douglas Dillon Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, where he founded the Center for Public Service. Light is the author of numerous books on public service and management, among them Pathways to Nonprofit Excellence (2002), Government's Greatest Achievements (2002), Making Nonprofits Work (2000), and The New Public Service (1999).


"A thoughtful, sober, and comfortingly knowledgeable perspective on how efforts to change organizations have worked and not worked." --Tom Riley,, 10/11/2000 "[A] short, readable, and important book from the Brookings Institution's Center for Public Service." --Melissa M. Stone, Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 3/1/2002 "In Making Nonprofits Work, Paul Light uses analogies from nature in his careful analysis of the calls for reform of management in the nonprofit sector. Although these statements might seem quite challenging at the onset, Light does a thoughtful job of making his case by drawing upon interviews with reform specialists and a survey of state nonprofit associations, framing his analysis as 'a reconnaissance at long range.'" --Patricia Frederickson, Boise State University, Public Administration Review "A strength of Light's book is that he supports his assertions with data from his research, including confidential interviews with leaders in nonprofit management reform, a search of Internet sources, and a survey of state associations of nonprofit organizations...It is also an important book for nonprofit leaders who are undertaking change efforts in their organization, as it provides perspectives on how such efforts have worked or not worked" --Lynn K. Jones, DSW, CSWM, Administration in Social Work, 1/1/2003
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