The Plague Lord

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August 2003



An exuberant and dramatic historical novel about Marco Polo's life in 13th century China


Paul Doherty was born in Middlesbrough. He studied History at Liverpool and Oxford Universities and obtained a doctorate for his thesis on Edward II and Queen Isabella. He is now headmaster of a school in north-east London and lives with his family in Essex.


'Extensive and penetrating research coupled with a strong plot and bold characterisation. Loads of adventure and a dazzling evocation of the past' Herald Sun, Melbourne -- Herald Sun, Melbourne 'An enthralling historical detective novel which immerses the reader in an unknown and distant society far removed from medieval western civilisation, and brings to life some of the period's greatest characters. The mysterious East has never seemed either so deadly or so alien' Brentwood Gazette Series 9/1/03 -- Brentwood Gazette Series 'Another gory, intriguing ancient murder mystery' Oxford Times 28/2/03 -- Oxford Times 'Doherty's tale is rich in the cadences of treachery... An opulent banquet to satisfy the most murderous appetite' Northern Echo 14/1/03 -- Northern Echo 'The Plague Lord...entertains with its brilliant depiction of the radiant imperial court - and the creativity with which Doherty imagines the origins of medieval Europe's greatest tragedy' Historical Novels Review Nov 2003 -- Historical Novels Review
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