A Very Dangerous Citizen: Abraham Lincoln Polonsky and the Hollywood Left

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Oktober 2002



Critical biography of blacklisted screenwriter Abraham Polonsky (1910-1999), who was one of the greatest leftwing Hollywood figures as well as the writer of Body and Soul and Force of Evil.


Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Adventures of the Artist as Intellectual 2. The Good War and After 3. The Politics and Mythology of Film Art: Polonsky's Noir Era 4. Polonsky's Fifties 5. Triumph and Retrospect Appendix Notes Bibliographical Note Index


Paul Buhle is Lecturer in the American Civilization Department at Brown University and coauthor of Tender Comrades: A Backstory of the Hollywood Blacklist (1997). Dave Wagner is the former political editor of the Arizona Republic. He has written on film for Cineaste and Filmhaeftet (Stockholm).


"Covers enormous ground and effectively reflects the vastness of Polonsky's career and personal life."-Variety "Abe Polonsky was fascinating, brilliant, mercurial, a giant of our time. He held the line against McCarthyism in all its forms and phases all his life. He did it with vigor and the joy of fighting for right. His history is the best of the left. As a man he was charming, amusing, concerned-a great listener and a greater raconteur, and an even better friend. This much needed book is a tribute to him."-Lee Grant, Oscar-winning director/actress
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